Professional Learning

Perhaps you are considering professional learning with your staff

  • You will approach us. We will meet with you to discuss exactly what you need, where you are at and how best to go about it.
  • We then support you to complete a MoE PLD application (yes, we take that pain away!).
  • Once approved, we then sit alongside you to create a detailed Development Plan, and schedule dates and activities.
  • Then, we get started! We meet your people, we share the journey and strategically step through the development process alongside you.
  • Along the journey we will constantly be checking on progress and re-aligning, or pivoting where needed.
  • We will be supporting you to collect your stories of progress also.
  • Finally, we will review the entire journey and progress made. We will collectively celebrate…
  • Then plan for the next steps.
NOTE: If your PLD application is not approved, and/or you wish to self-fund, we go through a similar process.


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