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Thought Leadership

Find your voice as a changemaker!

As leaders, we start to collect 'tags' on our roles. We are expected to be experts in certain things and given achievement priorities, expected learning outcomes and subject areas that we are formally responsible for. But what comes next? How can we harness those roles and make a difference?

This course is for professionals, teachers and leaders who want to promote and inspire new thinking. We will walk through how to use lived experience and reading as a form of deep inquiry, how to target your research and how to find your voice in order to create change. Thought leaders are change makers. This ‘connecting the dots’ course will take you through 5 key areas to help you to promote and inspire meaningful change using thought leadership. 

We have drawn from our experience in education, leadership and enterprise to build this course. It combines research from Thought Leadership, Content Marketing, Systems Design and Change Management. 



Clarity: Define your unique position

Strategy: Design systems to support your thinking

Recording: Discover ways to integrate your own practice and testing as a rich source of data

Reflection: Evaluate and innovate with leading as inquiry

Resonance: Differentiate content and repackage with relevance to find your voice


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