Localised Curriculum Design - building your conceptual learning framework

For teachers who want to make a difference and streamline their practice

Using a format of Understand, Know, Do - we will support you in developing your localised curriculum through an integrated project-based approach. Developing ANZHC will be the base for this PLD, adapting contexts and concepts to your Kura.

PLD will include a learning programme design, where learning is through a concept, e.g. change, kaitiakitanga, rather than a ‘topic’.

The goal is to focus on understanding broad concepts or ‘big ideas - that create opportunities for rich, deep learning experiences and multi-layered learning opportunities.

Together, we will integrate opportunities to align your vision and values with local pūrakau and develop other integrated curriculum approaches. 

You will walk away with a Learning programme design that supports kaiako to provide opportunities for students to build critical and creative thinking, key research skills, perseverance and collaboration. A project-based learning approach can be brought to life through learning exhibitions involving your community. 


Day One: 

  • Develop a clear understanding of ‘Conceptual’ planning across a school.
  • Investigate examples of conceptual learning - explore the opportunities for rich, deep learning experiences and multi-layered learning opportunities.  
  • Develop the process for leading this mahi within your context

Day Two:

  • Develop your conceptual framework through designing meaningful connections across the curriculum,
  • Apply and align conceptual learning across with your context.
  • Infuse local pūrakau to conceptual learning
  • Learn a multi-layered approach to  learning

Day Three: 

  • Create a design process for developing rich tasks to target learning outcomes within an integrated curriculum
  • Explore evaluation and assessment within an integrated curriculum approach
  • Develop a system for sharing learning that involves your community ensuring learning is meaningful


3-Days Online | 9am - 3pm

8, 22  Feb & 8 March 2023



*Minimum class numbers apply


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