Wellbeing - a learning opportunity

Nov 14, 2022

When you cut it for me,

Write it for me,

Find it for me,

Open it for me,

Tie it for me…

All I learn is that you do it better than me.



This quote appeared recently - its message is a reminder that all of these things are opportunities for learning.   This reminder is relevant as we must remember to guide our children rather than do everything for them, because if we do we could be robbing them of opportunities to learn for themselves… greater than that we could be robbing them of the confidence that develops from mastering these skills themselves.  It makes sense.

While pondering this question - another wondering occurred…

How does this relate to Wellbeing?  

More specifically how does this relate to Wellbeing in the workplace?

We all know the messages about the importance of Workplace Wellbeing and that is definitely not in dispute here.  The wondering was around how we apply this quote to the concept of Workplace Wellbeing.  If workplace wellbeing is about providing a safe environment, where there is a focus on the wellbeing of all - then the focus must not only be on what we can do but also on how we support our people to learn and develop strategies for themselves.  It is a big job - supporting students, staff, whānau… and ourselves, to develop wellbeing strategies.  

Empowering others is always big.  The thing to remember is… It is a big job, but you are not alone.  

In our line of work, we hear both sides of the coin - the leaders who feel they are doing their very best to create an environment focused on the wellbeing of their people.  Over time, we have all heard of schools where staff believe that more could be done to create workplace wellbeing - many of us have read posts about this on social media for example.  

The truth is Wellbeing is the responsibility of us all.  Without a doubt leaders play a key role in setting the environment and culture in all organisations, which is not disputed here.  It is also relevant to point out that it is a shared responsibility of all staff.  By doing all the work and taking on all the responsibility - are we as leaders providing opportunities for our people to learn and grow in their ability to grow their own wellbeing and that of the organisation?  How do we support the growth of ‘response abilities’?

This mahi is an area that we at Momentum Learning are passionate about and committed to.  We work alongside leaders to support their wellbeing journey and the systems and structures that support the wellbeing of their teams. The focus schools are putting on the wellbeing of all of their people is heartening. 

You are not alone - reach out… make a connection.


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