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pld rapld strategic planning strategy Oct 23, 2022

What great things does 2023 have in store for you?

Writing PLD applications can be a real drag, we know. But what if the process could be swift, uplifting and exciting? It is an opportunity to dream big, aim high and fly.

Check out our handy planning tool example here.

Step One: Choose from the drop-down boxes

These drop-down boxes are aligned with regionally allocated PLD priorities. You can decide on one PLD priority or weave a couple of priorities together into your application. We know that even though you might have ‘one big push’ there are likely some other supporting priorities in the mix. These might be embedding a previous priority, keeping the momentum with something you have started already or even adding an additional layer to support your application.

Step Two: Draw it.

Visual sense-making is a really useful exercise. Are you wanting to work in sequence - one dot leading to the next in a line? Are you needing a woven approach? Does a triangle make more sense? Drawing the solution can help see connections in the PLD priorities and help you have a clearer picture of what success looks like. Thinking clearly will help you to lead better and we can help you to make sense of the priorities in your context with a quick drawing.

 Step Three: Check-in and destination thinking

Just like a real flight, you need to take stock of your current situation. What baggage are you checking in, what are you taking with you, and how might the weather affect your journey? We’re using a flight path metaphor to help you to make sense of the journey - who you are and where you are going, noticing and addressing barriers, predicting turbulence and painting the ‘blue sky outcome’ of your final PLD destination. 


Step Four: Mapping the path

This is a strategic planning tool to consider ‘layovers’ and checkpoints. Just like a long-haul flight, you will need to consider some re-fueling options and make the journey manageable. We also know that you will need a ‘visa and passport’ to prove who you are, where you have come from and where you are flying. We can help you to figure out the relevant documentation to support your application before you fly as well as what you will need to show when you land. 

We want your PLD journey to be fun. Look out the window and enjoy the view! We can celebrate little wins along the way.  What might you imagine for ‘in-flight entertainment’? We’ve added some examples of how we work with schools in this example. 


Your flight is yours to plan. The application process should not be a bore, it’s a time to soar! Get in touch with us to ‘book your flight’. We can’t wait to fly alongside you.

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