The story behind our new logo.

Jan 31, 2023

What’s the story behind our new logo? Let’s dive in and peek at how we designed it to reflect our brand. 


Behind the scenes, we explored education manifestos and what ours might be. We talked about our vision for the future; learning needs to be lifelong, and educational experiences need to be uplifting.

We hate boxes, don’t believe in boring, and believe in refreshing, thought-provoking and uplifting.


How might we show that with our logo? First, let’s take a closer look. 


Exploring the word ‘momentum’ makes you think about movement, energy and direction. Angular momentum makes the world go around - a bit like education.

Like the word, we believe we serve educators and professionals as a ‘compelling force’ and ‘we bring zip’. 



Getting momentum means taking the first step and then building from there. We help you build the energy onwards and upwards, with more energy and force that works beside you.

This is why the splash behind the word rises to the right. Upwards and to the right is the direction of progress and movement upwards - beyond where you are now. Momentum carries you somewhere exciting. 



The writing for our logo needs to be lively. We are passionate about education, and the hand-written font suits us. Even though we bring our digital A-game, we know there is a place for ‘real ink’.

We tailor experiences and web design resources and experiences for you and your context. Like a painted line, every delivery is different and designed for you, for the unique people in front of us. 


The splash

We dive right in, so this seems appropriate. The blue is refreshing, and the green you see around the rest of our branding symbolizes growth and renewal. Green and blue are refreshing and optimistic colours.

So, what new things might you dive into with us? And if you don’t see a splash and see a tick in shape instead, that’s ok too. It is both.

We designed it that way. An upwards affirmation and a splashy step in the right direction and more about the blue - it is a blue tick because we don’t do red pen. We look at the positives, not the negatives. We use a strengths-based model. So, the swish goes up. 


The fancy M

This is no ordinary M, and we are not ordinarily PLD providers. Our ‘M’ has two deep crevices which symbolize the learning pit.

The learning pit is where the beautiful mess of learning happens. You go in and have to work things out and untangle things and look for new solutions. We love getting into them with you.

And why two? We don’t go in once (like a standard ‘M’) - we go in twice. And again, when we need to because, like the inquiry cycle, learning is continuous, ongoing and lifelong. One dive-in will never do - and we know that. 


Altogether Momentum

Our new logo reflects our passion for learning. It’s vibrant and splashy yet still anchored to straightforward research-informed ‘learning’. We know where the anchors need to be with current pedagogy and a clear line of sight.

The ‘learning’ of our logo is straightforward, but our approach to learning is anything but. We are energetic and colourful. 

Have you had a chance to visit our new website. We are calling it ‘the Departure lounge’ - Where do you want to fly to?


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